Perpetually Horny (aly) wrote in thenewapartment,
Perpetually Horny

Stuff I have

-New pot and pan set
-DVD Playah
-Surround sound stereo system, word.
-DSL Modem
-The eaten blue chair
-That table that's in Anthony's basement
-Coffee maker
-Espresso maker (errah errah)
-milkshake maker
-Fly clock
-James Dean life sized cardboard cut out (anyone?)
-ran out of things. will post more when I remember.
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The james dean cutout will be living in your room??? and you really think it's a smart thing to give ant 24 hour a day access to an espresso maker??? dumbass!
I'm afraid Rachel is the dumbass if she thinks she can keep me and the expresso maker apart *muahaha*

Expresssssooooo..... weeeeeee!!!!
No espresso for you!
James Dean can be where ever he wants to be. He's da man