Rachel (divaangel629) wrote in thenewapartment,

Today's Viewings...

So today went and saw 3 apartments...

Providence - Smith Hill - 186 Jewett St.- 2 bed - 3rd - 625 - 934-1126/274-4410 ----6:00pm showing,,, she liked me... behind st. peters church down near statehouse.
This one was nice... neighborhood was a little sketchy but not too bad... The place was HUGE!! and they have a big bathtub :-)
East Side -29 Peach Ave - 2 bed - 3rd- 595 - 334-1433 --- Showing between 6 & 7 PM tomorrow!!
This was a little less nice... a little wierd with the slanted roofs because of the 3rd floor. All in all not too bad and doable!
Mt. Pleasant - 2 bed - 2nd - 625 - 826-8961 -----Machine... 21 Clemantis off Chalkstone Avenue showing 7:30 tomorrow!!
This one was nice as well. $900 deposit. Landlord was great. Will make decision tomorrow or Wednesday. One drawback gotta pay for one of the two parking spots... $20 a month. Smaller than the first apartment, but well kept and good. Available immediately.
Only issue I saw.... TOO MANY PEOPLE OUT APARTMENT HUNTING!!! Ran into a couple people at more than one apartment! But we are cool. And they love us! And we're going to get offered all three!!! Plus the one from yesterday...

Making more calls now! Buh-bye!
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