Rachel (divaangel629) wrote in thenewapartment,

New Listings!

Since we haven't heard back on anything we've done so far... I'm going through today's paper and we'll see what happens!

Pawtucket - Fairlawn - 2 bed -1st - 500 - 728-6147 --- eternally busy (obviously took phone off hook, try again tomorrow)
Monday - Left Message on Machine
Wednesday - Already been rented... GET YOUR DAMN AD OUT OF THE PAPER!!

New Ads...

Pawtucket - 118 Prospect Street - Light Green House - 2 bed - 2nd- 600 - 727-2588 - Open House Saturday 10-2 (hun if you're feeling better you're going to have to go see this, cuz I'm working 10 - 5 )

Providence - 32 Goddard Street. 3-4 beds - 900- Sky okay... the area to keep her in paved... it's not a yard... and it's not fenced in... but he said take a ride by and let him know if we want to look at it.

That's about it for tonight!
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