fighting adulthood since '96 (twon) wrote in thenewapartment,
fighting adulthood since '96

Domicile sweet Domicile

yay for having and being in one. Moving in was definitely not so much fun. However, I do think I minded it the least. The entire day was filled with trauma from my standpoint involving a couch that went away. A boxspring that currently resides in the garage, and destroying the house and then having to repair it before the landlords sees and exicts us on our first day. Yay for Home Depot. Then on to dying uhauls and missing cell phone adventures.

Succeeded by hitting the landlords handymans car and having to sneak out at 2am when everyone is alseep to wax off the scuff marks without anyone noticing.

Notice a pattern of destruction here? Bad omens people! But alas most is settled now. Still desperately need a bed. May try and finagle that tommorrow. Rachel will be leaving me for the good majority of the week. But hopefully dsl will be in effect.

Rach do you recall, grocieries are paid, how much do I owe you for for the wastebasket and extention cord (or are you claiming dibs?).

Yay for clean floors. Must get my room some order tomorrow...
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