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Bills... Bills... Bills....

Guess what guys... I'm gonna start using this!!!!

Okay so far...

Gas Company wants $48.80 (Didn't pay last month... but this is the new bill)
Electric Company wants $86.55 (Didn't pay that last month either... but haven't gotten the new bill yet)
Phone Company wants $42.88 (Why didn't we pay bills last month... oh yeah no money)
Cable Company (not so much have we gotten a bill from them lately... if we did... I lost it!)

Total: $178.23
Divided 2 ways... Ant you owe me... $90.
Divided 3 ways... You each owe me $60. (Though Aly.. I don't know if it's fair for you to pay them.... you and Ant talk amongst yourselves)

Anywho that was my fun morning of paying bills... see you guys tonight when I get home from work... oh wait maybe I won't... Aly...your going to see Natasha right? And Ant are you working? or do we get to watch another movie tonight?

I think I'm going back to Build A Bear part-time in like 2 weeks. Maybe Monday and Wednesday nights. Ugh... oh well. Off to work. Love you both!
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